Self Portrait (handmade animation, 2021)

About me

I’m Sam Gill and I specialise in custom hand-crafted stop motion animations.

I started out making collage art out of found objects and newspaper cuttings, interspersed with fragments of my own abstract paintings. While working on a cut-out canvas, I began to experiment with rudimentary stop-motion techniques. I soon fell in love with the process and started making more complex pieces. My first animations were made to accompany releases by my own bands, after which I started branching out to create video art for other musicians. I am currently available for commissions for all different kinds.

Combining my love of vintage photographs, psychedelia and abstract painting to create cosmic collaged stop-motion worlds, you can contact me here.

Read an interview with me at the excellent Sun 13 music website here.

Photo by Simon Kirk of sun-13.com